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Investing in Italy

The high quality of the italian lifestyle can be an opportunity even for small investors
Italy is famous in the world for its excellence in the fields of fashion, luxury and food in which even large foreign multinationals invest.

But Italy has many other resources from which you can take advantage of.
Despite its small size compared to large countries such as China or the United States, Italy has great economic potential arising mainly by the high quality of lifestyle - from scenic, artistic and cultural attractions - and from the high level of craftsmanship.

So the opportunities, also for small investors, are numberless.

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are you a consultant or a mediator or a promoter or an institutional body …

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MISSION: promotion of Italian properties & Italian companies worldwide

The aim of this portal is to collect and disseminate in Italy and abroad ADS relating to Italian properties or Italian companies for sale

Today, in Italy, properties and companies for sale exceed domestic demand with the result that trades take place at prices or quotations that are often far below the real values.

This situation can be the right opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors, including foreigners, to expand their activities and / or investments in Italy.

Our constant commitment is to develop partnerships with organizations and professionals in order to facilitate and promote contact between the supply of Italian Assets and the global demand for investment.

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An announcement published in several languages is read by a larger number of potential buyers

Enter your announcement in English language and we'll translate it into Italian and into any other language that you specify.

Even a very small company for sale takes great advantage in a multiple-language AD. For example a small family-run tavern can be an investment for a foreign entrepreneur interested in opening an ethnic restaurant (eg. chinese or arabic...); in the same way a company in the construction industry should also publish his AD in Croatian, Serbian and Albanian languages ...

In support of your AD you can publish photos and documents as well (for example a Word document about estimated value, a pdf balance sheet, and so on).

When we'll receive the documents we'll send you a quotation due only one time for services of working of the AD (formatting of  text, photogallery and downloadable documents) and for the translation required.

The advertisement service is FREE and without any date of expiration

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